European Union, or the open veins of our own Europe (Speech in Ministry of Foreign Afairs of Quito, 17.5.2012)

Mr. minister, senor invitados
I wanted to thank you for the distinguish honor to invite me in this event to present the new issue of Linea Sur.
I think it’s an ambicious attempt as it tries and achieves to put in a theoretical context the struggle against neoliberalism that give peoples and governments of Latin America. Political praxis from Argentina, Venezuela, Bolivia and Ecuador of the last decade show that the return to the 19th century, as it is attempted in Europe nowadays, couldn’t be our future. At the same time the discussion about the content and the forms of economic cooperation in your continent show that forms of integration like European Union and eurozone couldn’t be the only alternative.
If we examine the last decisions of EU, and especially Euro Plus Pact and Stability Pact, the content of the integration of European Union is defined by the following:
  • Criminalization of deficits of state budget by constitutional amendments (this is the content of Stability Pact)
  • Demolition of the welfare state by under-funding, paving the way to profitable investments for private sector who offers these services only to the classes who have the ability to pay
  • Reduction of salaries, wages, and pensions that causes massive poverty and thousand of homeless and suicides.
  • Massive privatizations which will bring the concentration of public wealth to the hands of a oligarchy and will prohibit the access of working people to basic services like energy and water.
  • Elimination of democracy by the appointment by EU bankers in the role of prime minister. In Greece four decades before were the tanks of colonels who shoot our democratic rights now are the banks of speculators.
            In many ways Europe now lives the tragedy that lived people of your continent till a decade before when Chicago boys and IMF imposed the catastrophic recipe of austerity. The situation is much worst because of the euro. A decade before, European ruling classes were promised that common currency will bring prosperity. But now we see that the common currency has become a mechanism of unequal economic relations, for the division of eurozone countries between centre and periphery which produces deficits and debts ex nihilio, for the implementation of permanent austerity and thee loss of sovereign rights!
In Europe they use the ideological terrorism of public debt to promote and build consensus for this experiment. We know well that the public debt and deficits are only the excuse. At stake are the conquests of working people: the 8 hours of work, the collective bargaining. All these that IMF and EU asked to be removed as a precondition to give the bail-out money to Greece, which have gone again to our creditors. What should be highlighted is that all these huge amounts that go to Greece, Portugal and Ireland till now, and in a few months to Italy and Spain they don’t go to the public servants. They are fired. They don’t go to wage. They are reduced. They go the bankers and speculators of Europe andAmerica.
For this reason we believe that the public debt shouldn’t be paid by unilateral initiatives, without ask the permission of our debtors. This aim is a very big priority now that in Greece after the recent default our public debt is by its biggest share official (and at its biggest share is owed to eurozone countries) and not private. In this context there are many more reasons to refuse the discipline to EU and Eurozone and ask the exit from these imperialistic organizations who serve as organ of the debtors. The undemocratic, aggressive character of EU is revealed when we see that the only decision of nationalization was not against the banks, but about the public debt. They nationalized it so that governments to be for ever slaves of the markets. This is the European Union and these are the open veins of Europe!
In this context we wait to learn form the experience of the integration in your continent.
My warm and truthfully congratulation for the second issue of Linea Sur.


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